I'm a web developer with a background in design. This website serves as a medium to get me more involved in the field, discuss the projects I'm working on, and other random musings. I've been a US expat since 2012 and currently reside in France. If you ever find yourself in the Paris region, let's grab a beer!


A tiny app that displays the current moon phase.


dotfiles for my macOS environment.

dotfile starter

A practice/starter guide on how to make your own dotfile repo.

til (today i learned)

A collection of useful tips and things I've learned on a daily basis.

base16 papercolor

Papercolor scheme ported for base16

Random bits

Computers have been a part of my life since I was a youngling.

I'm a huge gamer! My first experiences were Prince of Persia and Lemmings. Bungie's Marathon was my favorite FPS. You can find me occasionally streaming on Twitch.

My first laptop was a tangerine iBook G3 that took me forever to save up for. I built my first custom PC in 2003 out of an an eMachine chassis and some leftover server components from my Dad.

Music is one of my hobbies. I've been drumming since I could hold a pair of sticks and picked up the guitar when I was 9.

I discovered the world of coffee at a young age when my Dad started his own roasting company in 1999. He later opened up a storefront in 2001 where I learned how to pull a good shot, and brew a perfect cup of joe.

I'm a movie buff.

I moved from America to Cabo San Lucas with my family in the Spring of 2012. We where there for 9 months and then moved to France afterwards. I've been living in the Paris region ever since.