Update On Learning Javascript
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It's been awhile since my last post so I thought I would give little update on my progress.

Colt Steele's course was great. I highly recommend it if you are interested in building web apps with javascript. Aside from teaching vanilla javascript, the course also introduced you to some great frameworks and libraries (Express, Pug, MomentJS, EJS, etc...).

I completed Wes Bos's Node Course and that has probably been my favourite javascript course so far. He can be a bit fast at times, so I found myself rewinding quite a bit. The course helped reinforced my MongoDB experience and also introduced me to another templating engine Pug. EJS templating syntax is pretty much the same as HTML, so if you prefer writing HTML then you'll wanna choose EJS as your JS templating engine. Pug felt faster and more fluid. Writing JS logic inside your templates is a great feature as well.

I'm now working my way through Brian Holt's Complete Intro to React course over at FrontEndMasters. React has been sort of difficult for me to digest. Redux....don't even get me started on that.

I recently went to my first Javascript Meetup here in Paris and it was a blast. I met some great developers and look forward to meeting up with them again.

I'm starting to tackle my own little projects that I can add to my Github profile (I'll save those for another post). I am also trying to recreate my website using GatsbyJS since its using all the technologies I am interested in. I'm using the gatsby-advanced-starter skeleton since it already has SEO, Tags, Disqus comments, and other useful things out of the box. I am trying to style the entire website with Rebass and Styled Components. So far, so good. Since I'm still new to React, it's been a bit challenging. Dan Abramov wrote a great article thats helping me figure out "Presentation" and "Container" components.

So to sum up what I've learned so far and practicing:

  • Javascript Fundamentals
  • jQuery
  • Git Version Control
  • Databases (MongoDB & SQL)
  • Templating (Pug & EJS)
  • RESTful routing
  • HTTP
  • CSS & Sass
  • Server Side Javascript (Node & Express)
  • Other js libraries like Passport and Moment.js

On the horizon:

  • ES6
  • React / Redux
  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • Styled Components
  • CSS Modules
  • Webpack
  • Code Splitting
  • Server Side Rendering

That's all for now folks :)